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Which team will slip in NBA’s Big four

The idea of highlighting the NBA’s current big four is to keenly observe and keep tabs with the best teams at the moment based on their standings i.e. their wins and losses. This explains why am filtering out the Celtics, the Suns, the Heat and the Lakers, as part the big four. Of course the big four stand a chance of losing that title if they falter along the way. I agree teams such as the Cavs, the Magic, the Nuggets and others ought to be in the list but at the moment they have been locked out. Incase they overturn the tables to their advantage they will certainly get the spot light. So ideally it can be a big four, big three, big two or just a big one depending on the standings.

Among the big four, the only team that was in action yesterday night was the one that appeared in the 2006 NBA finals for the first time and went ahead to win it, the Miami Heat. They were playing in their American Airline arena against the Washington Wizards a game they won 90-76. Although it may seem they won comfortably by 14 points they were trailing in the first and second quarter. They turned the heat on, in the third and fourth quarter, unfortunately for the Wizards they had no response.

After remarkable performances in previous games, Dwayne Wade this time managed to join the elite players who have bagged more than 40 points, he ended the game with a season high of 41 points. The Heat’s next match will certainly be attention grabbing; they will meet a high profile team in the name of Cleveland Cavaliers. The fact that the Cavs have been wounded by a couple of teams, this will be a good opportunity for the to restore faith among their fans.

Playing tomorrow are the Celtics and the Suns. The Celtics after a couple of days rest will host the Jazz while the Suns are playing the Hornets. Even if the Jazz and Hornets are struggling this are teams that are capable of pulling an upset on anyone.

Other results on yesterday games included the Nuggets win against the Bulls while the Magic replicated the same when they met the Bobcats. This means that the big four can’t afford to make any slips, other teams are hot on their heels.

PS: The voting for the 2010 NBA all star has begun, the annual events will be held in the city which the Miami heat clinched their first title, Dallas.

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